New Phono Pre-Amp From Cambridge Audio: Solo and Duo

The quality of the sound reproduction of records depends on the individual elements of the reproduction, ie the music components. The phono pre-amplification plays an important role. Already the models CP1 and CP2 from Cambridge Audio had rightly a very good reputation when it came to vinyl playback. Now Cambridge Audio has released two brand-new phono preamps with the sequels, which ensure a faithful vinyl reproduction and the sound in the best quality. For this special switching power supplies and board, designs were used.

Der MM- und MC-Phono-Vorverstärker Duo

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Finding Vinyl in Berlin – An Overview by District-by-District

Again and again, we in the shop find ourselves with the question of where to buy Vinyl in Berlin . In order to provide something in addition to our personal tips in future, here is a quick overview as a product of a little research. So here, a corresponding overview compiled by Berlin districts. For a printed version of the manual, feel free to visit us in the shop or use the digital version in PDF format here.

Unser Vinyl in Berlin Flyer