New Phono Pre-Amp From Cambridge Audio: Solo and Duo

The quality of the sound reproduction of records depends on the individual elements of the reproduction, ie the music components. The phono pre-amplification plays an important role. Already the models CP1 and CP2 from Cambridge Audio had rightly a very good reputation when it came to vinyl playback. Now Cambridge Audio has released two brand-new phono preamps with the sequels, which ensure a faithful vinyl reproduction and the sound in the best quality. For this special switching power supplies and board, designs were used.

Der MM- und MC-Phono-Vorverstärker Duo

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Record Players and Cleaning

Right about now is the pefect time for some Spring cleaning! So why not get onto doing something good for your vinyl collection and record player this year? In our German-language video, Jochen shows us a record cleaning machine in action and reveals just how often you should be cleaning. More detailed information is available here.

Finding Vinyl in Berlin – An Overview by District-by-District

Again and again, we in the shop find ourselves with the question of where to buy Vinyl in Berlin . In order to provide something in addition to our personal tips in future, here is a quick overview as a product of a little research. So here, a corresponding overview compiled by Berlin districts. For a printed version of the manual, feel free to visit us in the shop or use the digital version in PDF format here.

Unser Vinyl in Berlin Flyer

A Clean Affair: Groomed Sound with Okki Nokki RCM II and Flux Hifi Sonic

The moment where something unquestionably magical happens the needle descends, auspiciously crackles the record, then creates the music. However, during everyday use vinyl magic will melt away once due to the dust and dirt, the noise disturbing can permanently companion for record listening. To ensure a good (in the truest sense of the word) sampling, there fortunately effective aids. We provide two special devices before: the Xiban Okki Nokki RCM II and the needle cleaner Flux HiFi Sonic.

Die Okki Nokki RCM II Plattenwaschmaschine in unserer Vorführung

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