Now In Store: The New OLED

With the A1’s furious debut two years ago and the evolution called AF9 last year, Sony has made an impressive debut in the OLED segment. Now the manufacturer is consolidating its portfolio with the AG9 and adopting the unconventional design of its predecessors.

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Just In: The OLED-TV S9A from METZ Blue

After more than 80 years of company history, the German manufacturer Metz expanded last year with the newly introduced METZ blue brand, thus entering the international market. The focus of the products is on UHD and OLED and in combination with Android TV, a modern extension for the home living room is created. Against this background, we are working on the S9A OLED television, which is available in 55″ and 65″.

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Now In Store: The First 8K TV Samsung Q900R

In its still undisputed role as market leader, Samsung has been driving the development of the TV sector for years. The latest expression of the South Koreans’ continuous quest for innovation is the first 8K QLED TV Samsung Q900R. We have just included the 75-inch version in our demonstration and present the most important features here.

Der 8K QLED TV Samsung Q900R in unserer Vorführung

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Calibrating Your Television At Hifi Im Hinterhof

Calibration may be a term that is initially associated with home cinema projection, but it is also relevant to television. The calibration of a TV sets is a service that we have been offering for many years. Trained with the new Level III from ifs (Imaging Science Foundation), we want to and can extend this even further by buying a new TV from us. We have taken a look at the most important aspects of television calibration. 

Unser Kollege Peer ist der Experte für die Kalibrierung von TV-Geräten

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New TV Studios At Hifi Im Hinterhof

In the past few weeks, we have expanded our TV studios with two new rooms. In the small room, the Panorama 2 soundbar can be tested with different TV models – from OLED to QLED – while we specialize in large format in the room. Both rooms have in common that one can calmly and at will compare with each other. We are very happy with the end result – here are some pictures of the new spaces…