Preview: beyerdynamic Xelento remote – High End In-Ear Headphones

After beyerdynamic’s miniaturization of its sonically outstanding Tesla technology was initially put into the service of a cooperation project – the AK T8iE has been developed by beyerdynamic, but markted under the brand Astell & Kern – the Heilbronn-based company is now at the starting line with its own in-ear Tesla headphones: We’re taking a look just prior to the release of the Xelento remote.


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Mobile High End Player: Astell & Kern AK380, AK320, AK300 & AK70

“The mp3 player is dead, long live the HiRes player.” If one had to summarize the history of Astell & Kern in just one sentence, the following would be an opportunity to use this old adage. However, there is much more to say about this manufacturer, which is operating very successfully thanks to consistent high-end alignment of the last four years in a market that is supposedly no longer is. So were only this year several devices, including the new entry-level model presented AK70. We take this opportunity and take a look at the concept and the current program of Astell & Kern.

Astell & Kern AK320, AK300 und AK70 aus unserer Vorführung

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