Back To Basics: Active & Passive Speakers

In our new German-language video, one of our team leaders Jochen explains the basic concepts of passive and active loudspeakers and demonstrates with two examples why the principles of active speakers can be quite different. You can also find more information here in an earlier blog entry. Enjoy!

New in our showrooms: KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers

After the rumors built up to boiling point, the official announcement was eventually made in October. Now they’re finally in our shop: The active KEF LS50 Wireless speakers– and we have a few photos as proof!

More general information about active speakers can be found here.

Denon HEOS – The Multi-room System in Summary

Since the market introduction of the multi-room HEOS system in August 2014, Denon has established itself as one of the most important providers in this product niche. One reason for the success of HEOS is certainly the continuous product maintenance – the hardware is now in the second generation and regular software updates are a matter of course. In this article we summarize the current state of things and explore the potential of the individual components

Denon HEOS in unserer Vorführung

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HiFi Bundle : Cayin MT-34L & Cambridge Aeromax 6 – 2099€

One of the many bonuses of our comprehensive HiFi range is that you can endlessly experiment with the possibilities of various components. Of course, does not mean necessarily that the result is convincing in every case, but there are always variations that simply make sense. TPrecisely the case with our new Hifi-Bundle, consisting of Cayin MT-34L and Cambridge Aeromax 6, which we will now present.

HiFi im Hinterhof Bundle: Cayin MT-34L und Cambridge Audio Aeromax 6

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Attic Photoshoot: Part II

The first set was dominated by an elegant black, in the second part we are moving in a completely different direction, featuring Accuphase and Ascendo

Attic Photoshoot: Part I

HiFi differently: We recently some abducted some prized pieces from our showrooms for a photo session in an old Berliner attic. We started with KEF, Naim and next week to be followed by a second set of photos with other brands