Home Cinema Special Event, 23rd and 24th November

What could be nicer than sitting comfortably in your own home cinema at cool temperatures, surrounded by a projector, fancy speakers and other home cinema electronics, and letting the bad weather pass by? Since we now have four studios where you can get your own idea of the dream of home cinema, we are inviting you to our studios on November 23rd and 24th. On top of that, we are combining this with a sales campaign. Further information can be found below.

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The Denon AVC-X8500H – Now in Our Showrooms

First, in December, we reported on the amazing AV receiver from Denon. In the meantime, the AVC-X8500H has arrived in our big home cinema. And we are impressed! Those of you who want to get a clear picture themselves are warmly invited to visit our showrooms. From the following images, you can also get a small taste! The variety of connections is remarkable!

Our New Home Cinema Spaces

In November, we inaugurated our new home cinemas. After having recently given an insight into the results of the renovation of our larger cinema spaces, we are now pleased to also show pictures of the small space.
While the first home cinema room is flexible, the smaller one offers some comparison and presents different screens and locations, the second offers perhaps a taste of a smaller, more realistic and private home cinema.