Photo Gallery From Accuphase LIVE Workshop

This last weekend Babak Moayedpour was our guest. He is from the German Accuphase distributor P.I.A. and presented an audio chain of Accuphase models. The models, consisting of the preamplifier C-3850, the SACD/CD precision drive DP-950, the D/A converter DC-950, the Class AB stereo power amplifier P-7300, the digital room controller DG-58 as well as the current conditioner PS-1230, not only sound excellent but also look very noble. Of course, we didn’t want to miss it and made some nice recordings of the event.

Home Cinema Special Event, 23rd and 24th November

What could be nicer than sitting comfortably in your own home cinema at cool temperatures, surrounded by a projector, fancy speakers and other home cinema electronics, and letting the bad weather pass by? Since we now have four studios where you can get your own idea of the dream of home cinema, we are inviting you to our studios on November 23rd and 24th. On top of that, we are combining this with a sales campaign. Further information can be found below.

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Video: 80 Years Of Stax – Workshop With Armin Kern

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the headphone manufacturer Stax, Armin Kern was our guest on October 12th and 13th and he brought a number of different Stax headphones and matching headphone amplifiers with him. We did, of course, record the workshop: In addition to the Stax history, the special features of the electrostatic design principle compared to dynamic and magnetostatic headphones is also looked at. Here you can get a sample of the fun in our German-language video. Enjoy!

Calibrating Your Television At Hifi Im Hinterhof

Calibration may be a term that is initially associated with home cinema projection, but it is also relevant to television. The calibration of a TV sets is a service that we have been offering for many years. Trained with the new Level III from ifs (Imaging Science Foundation), we want to and can extend this even further by buying a new TV from us. We have taken a look at the most important aspects of television calibration. 

Unser Kollege Peer ist der Experte für die Kalibrierung von TV-Geräten

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Headphone Event on 12th & 13th October: 80 Years Of Stax – Then And Now

We would like to invite you to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the legendary headphone manufacturer Stax: On October 12th and 13th, Stax expert Armin Kern will take us on a journey into the history of Japanese headphone manufacturers, ranging from current models and a 40-year-old classic. We’re curious!

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